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 Visual Effects - Steamboat Adria References 

The ocean steam navigation company ADRIA was the Hungarian example for the seacabilities of the empire of Austro-Hungary. The company showed more than the average image of Hungary than czárdáspuszta romantic, gypsy (now political correct: Romani and Sinti) violinists and other k.u.k. romanticisms. The employees serving proud ADRIA had been all from Hungary,

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-10 at 11.02.45.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2021-07-12 at 21.56.54.jpeg

Steamboat 3D modeling by Rodrigo Rodrigues

Casco (5).png
Casco (7).png
Casco (15).png
Casco (10).png
Screenshot 2022-04-18 09-08-15.png
Screenshot 2022-04-18 07-54-50.png
Screenshot (212).png
Screenshot (213).png
Screenshot 2022-04-18 07-55-09.png
Screenshot 2022-04-18 08-33-38.png
Screenshot (210).png
Screenshot (205).png

 Steamboat Adria film set by Juliana Fernandes


 Steamboat Adria UV Mapping and Texturing by Rodrigo Rodrigues

Screenshot (1).png
Screenshot (217).png
Screenshot (218).png
Screenshot (223).png
Screenshot (226).png
Screenshot (225).png
WhatsApp Video 2023-06-11 at 23.54.gif
WhatsApp Video 2023-0b6-11 at 23.54.05.gif

Steam Train Collaboration - 3D modeling 
by Rushyang Vyas and Rushil Vyas

3D printings by Daniel Silas

WhatsApp Video 2023-06-06 at 17.22.28.gif
WhatsApp Video 2023-06-06 at 15.46.28.gif
2024 film OHVHE-11.jpeg
2p copy.00_00_00_09.Still001.jpg
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